When can I start my language course?

For Intensive courses: If you are beginner there are fixed starting dates (at least once a month) if you have a little knowledge, then any Monday it's possible to start. For Special courses and Preparation for exams there are fixed strating dates.

What about the method?

Our objective is that our students learn to communicate in Spanish, the method is a combination in order to develop all the skills needed to do so. Depending on the level you will have more or less speaking practice. The higher the level is, more possibility to speak. All the lessons are in Spanish.

How will you know my language level?

The first day in school all students take a placement test, which will test your reading and speaking as well as grammar and vocabulary. During the course students' progress is monitored closely by the teacher.

Can I change my language level if I have been placed in a level that is too low, or too high?

Yes. If you want to change level, you should first speak with your teacher who will direct you to the Director of Studies for discussion. The teachers will monitor your skills and make any necessary changes.

Can I change my class timetable?

If you want to change your class time, you can do providing there is space in the class of your choice.

Is there a possibility to change classes according to my progress?

We have 6 levels that can be achieved in 36 weeks, if you progress more than the rest of the group of course you will jump to another level and could finish a level in less time that it is normally scheduled.

What will my class schedule look like?

That would depend on which course type you select, the Intensive 25 course consists of 20+5 lessons per week, the Intenisve 20 course consists of 20 lessons per week. Classes are 55 minutes long. Morning lessons usually start at 9:30 and end by mid-day and afternoon lessons start at 14:30. Having a morning or afternoon timetable will depend on the season and on your level. But you will always have half the day off, either in the morning or in the afternoon, to explore the local sights and attractions with your friends.

How many weeks can I study?

You can study for as few as one week and as many as you'd like.

How much can I expect to learn after a 2 week course? A 4 week course? A 12 week course?

Espanole teaches languages on 6 different levels, from beginners to advanced. The amount of progress that the students make depend on a number of factors, such as their motivation, study habits, and even how close their mother tongue is to the target language. Your talent and motivation will certainly speed the rate of progress, but it's hard to overemphasize the value of skilful teachers and well-equipped schools.

Will I have the possibility of experiencing the Spanish culture, arts, and entertainment/nightlife?

You have all the possibilities of doing this here, it's up to you. We offer Spanish culture, art and history lessons, organize groups for cultural visits once a week and organize outings at night (for dinner, cinema...) Valencia's night life is very busy!!

Do I need to bring any textbooks with me?

No, we'll give you a book (your enrolment fee includes this first book), all the other books and materials you will need to use are available in the classroom.

What courses do most people take?

Intensive 20 course.

Will I take exams?

Internal exams are held at least once a month and at the end of each level in order to monitor your progress.

Will Espanole prepare me to take any official exams?

Yes, we prepare you for the D.E.L.E.: Diploma de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera and for the Chamber of Commerce exam in Business Spanish. The Diplomas de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera, administrated by the Ministry of Education and Science, are the official Certificates verifying the apprehension of Spanish as a foreign language. There are three levels of the D.E.L.E.: the CERTIFICADO INICIAL, for one that has mastered the basics of the Spanish language; the DIPLOMA BÁSICO, for one who has demonstrated good all around knowledge of the language; and the diploma superior verifies that one is fluent in Spanish. Our courses prepare the student for anyone of the three tests, which are administered every May and November, either in Valencia or in 39 other countries all over the world.

Can I study business Spanish?

Espanole offers a Business Spanish course. It is suitable for students on higher intermediate or advanced levels.

Can I have private lessons?

You can book private lessons before arrival or once you are in Valencia in combination with any of the other courses. The lesson time is 55 minutes with your own teacher. The lesson content will be adapted to concentrate on your particular requirements and the language and skills you need.

Do I get a diploma after the course?

At the end of each course you will get a certificate about type, duration and reached level.