What can you do in the nightime in Valencia while studying Spanish?

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By day, you´ll learn Spanish, but what are you going to do for a night on the town?

Valencia is a very lively city with a laid-back atmosphere while still having a great night life.  Thanks to there being fine weather throughout the year, there are lots of things to do, and Valencians live the weekends to the full (and sometimes during the week, too!).  That´s why we advise you to take a break from studying Spanish and try out the night time party scene, which can last from 12 midnight until dawn.  In order you don´t miss it, we´re going to tell you some of the best places to discover the party scene in Valencia.

El Carmen  This is a district in the historic old part of Valencia.  Along its narrow streets, you can sample some tapas until the pubs open and then go on to a disco from about 2am., the liveliest part of the night.  A `must do´ is to try Agua de Valencia (a delicious local drink) in the  Café de las Horas, a spot with a very cosmopolitan vibe.

If you want to dance as if there is no tomorrow, go to Radio City, one of the most popular venues in the neighbourhood offering a wide range of music and with many interesting people.

Ruzafa  In this area you´ll meet a lot of young people out for a good time.  There´s a wide variety of bars and restaurants where you can have dinner as well as well-known discos in the city.  A venue called Nylon (Gran Vía Germanías 33) has several different spaces with various types of music for you to choose from.

We would also like to mention the pub Piccadilly (Carrer dels Tomassos 12) which has a risqué feel and one which is very popular in the city at the moment.  It´s a landmark spot in Valencia and offers a wide range of music, from 90s hits to the most up to date releases.

Valencia Port  The best discos in summer in Valencia are undoubtedly to be found in the Port.  If you wish to go out here, Akuarela Playa is one of the best options.  This disco has a terrace to enjoy the music while taking in the sea breeze, and it also has four different dance floors to choose from, with music from pop rock to reggaeton.

The Marina Beach Club is a must on your party list around Valencia while you study Spanish.  In the evening, you can take a dip in the pool while you have a drink, but if you stay on until night the terrace becomes a dance floor with live performances, DJs and the very best of music.  This could be a good place to meet new people in Valencia and strike up friendships or anything more.

City of Arts and Sciences  Here, in one of the most well-known areas of Valencia, is the disco Mya Club,  an ultra-modern spot that attracts a huge number of young people to dance and have a good time.  L´Umbracle Terraza is just a short distance from Mya and is also a good option if you´re looking for great atmosphere in an original space because from the terrace you can see a wonderful view of the City of Arts and Sciences.

You can also choose to go to discos that are part of the gay scene;  for example, Deseo 54, near Marxalenes, is one of the most important gay discos around the Mediterranean.  We guarantee that the people, the music and the special effects you will find in this disco will leave a great impression on you.

Drinks can be around eight euros and there will be an entry charge of about ten euros in almost all the venues, and in many places you will have to be more than 18 to get in.  Valencia has one of the best party scenes in Spain, and now you know the main locations to live the night while practising the Spanish you learn by day in Españolé!  It´s up to you to decide what you want to do, to go out and meet people and have a great time.

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