These are the measures and simple security guidelines our students and staff will have to follow to ensure a safe stay with us.

The school 

  • Student's temperature will be checked automatically every day when entering the school building.

  • At the school entrance students will be asked to clean their hands with sanitizer and disinfect shoes.

  • There will be signs around the school explaining the one-way system for using the stairwells and corridors.

  • The use of a mask is right now mandatory in Spain in public spaces. We ask our students to come with their own mask and wear it in the school. When not wearing a mask (restaurants, beach, practising sports..) please make sure you keep the safety distance of 1,5 metres.

  • The school staff will be wearing a mask when in contact with students. Teachers are allowed to not wear it during their lessons respecting the safety distance guideline.

  • Hand sanitizers will be available in the school area. Surface disinfectant product will be available in school's toilets.

  • The school will be intensively cleaned and disinfected every day. Certain areas such as toilets, railings, door knobs ....will be cleaned and disinfected several times per day.


The Spanish lessons

  • Depending on the size of the classroom each class will have between 5 and 10 students. It is necessary to wear masks in class.

  • The weekly schedule might be adapted if needed and starting and break times can be staggered to avoid many students moving around the corridors or in the common areas of the school at the same time. Teachers will advise of break times on arrival.


The activity programme

  • The weekly activity program will still be organized in reduced groups focusing mainly on open air activities.  Valencia offers many opportunities for this kind of activities. You can check our programme of activities here.


The accommodation

  • Host families will follow all government guidelines on social distancing and will ensure common areas are maintained to a high degree of cleanliness. They will also follow safety measures and recommendations set by the school.

  • In the residences common areas will be disinfected daily and deeply cleaned once a week.

  • No visitors are allowed in residences or shared apartments. 


Health care

  • In case a student has high temperature, we will help her/him to see a doctor who will determine the treatment and measures that have to be taken.

  • In case of positive COVID-19 testing, the student will be asked to stay in the accommodation: homestay, residence or student apartments for a minimum of 14 days following health authorities’ recommendations. The school will give the student all the support needed.


Life in Valencia

Life in Valencia is active again, shops, cafeterias, restaurants, museums, cinemas... are open.

One can walk freely in the streets, go to the beach, meet friends.. There are only some basic regulations:

  • In public spaces face masks must be worn. There are exceptions for cases where wearing a mask is incompatible with carrying out activities, due to the nature of the activity (such as eating or drinking, practising sports…) or people with a respiratory condition in these cases a safety distance of 1,5 metres should be respected.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in the street.
  • Large gatherings are not allowed, groups can be of maximum 10 people.
  • The capacity of the public establishments is reduced to a 75%.
  • Nightlife is reduced, discos are closed and bars and restaurants close at 01:00 am.

  • We highly recommend to avoid nightlife, crowed places and to keep the social life limited to a reduced number of people (friends from school, host family members...)


Updated 22/08/2020