A1 - Beginners level
Students can deal with simple straightforward exchanges in familiar contexts. They can usually understand enough to keep a very basic conversation going.

A2 - Pre-Intermediate level
Students can understand and express information about the present, past and future. They can deal with most situations involved in travelling around a Spanish speaking country, including communicating most personal and everyday information.

B1 - Intermediate level
Students can comfortably interact with native speakers. They can participate in discussions and express their viewpoints in familiar contexts. They can describe experiences in their past as well as explain and give reasons for their plans, desires and ambitions for the future.

B2 - Upper-intermediate level
Students can express their ideas on general topics clearly in both the spoken and written form. They are familiar with and can competently use more complex structures and have a good level of fluency andbroader vocabulary including some idiomatic expressions.

C1 - Advanced level

Students are capable of understanding most lectures, discussions and debates. They are able to develop a well-structured argument with supporting evidence and explanations in oral and written form. Students have broadened their general language capability and vocabulary to feel comfortable operating effectively in social, academic and professional spheres.

C2 - Superior level

Students have a high level of written and spoken Spanish. They can participate easily in discussions and write well- structured compositions even on complex, unfamiliar situations. They can give clear presentations on complex issues, integrating sub themes and developing particular points.