• Could you imagine studying Spanish with us? 10 years of happy learning experiences

  • Study Spanish with us and be officially accredited. Why lose the opportunity?

  • Bathed by the Mediterranean, offers mild temperatures year round

  • With the most attractive cultural and leisure complexes in Europe

  • A rich architectural, cultural and artistic heritage

  • 23 classrooms in two buildings perfectly located in the city centre

  • Communicative-based teaching methods

  • A dynamic team of Spanish teachers

  • Activities and outings will help you to make new friends

  • Practice Spanish in everyday situations

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Can you imagine learning Spanish in a friendly atmosphere in the heart of a beautiful city like Valencia?

In our Spanish courses you will get inmersed in our language and culture and learn how to use Spanish in real life.



Comfortable and relaxed

In order to feel comfortable and relaxed during your stay it is essential that you are satisfied with your accommodation arrangements. For this reason we attach significant importance to ensuring that the quality we provide is of a good standard.


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Get credits

Our students can get ECTS credits from our Spanish courses. Our Spanish courses are recognized to be eligible to obtain ECTS credits that can be transferable to their home university. Our students can gain formal recognition from the Spanish courses studied in our school.



What they say about us

"I had a wonderful experience at Españolé International House Valencia. Loved the teachers, talking in class was very important, they showed great interest in the students". This is the opinion of Jessy Mekpoh. Want to know more experiences?



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