Our method combines a traditional grammar approach with a more modern communicative focus. To put it simply, great importance is placed on practising grammar in communicative contexts which reproduce situations you might come across in everyday life.

The classes are based on tasks and planned depending on the students’ needs and different styles of learning.

Class material

You will use a textbook in class, together with supplemental material such as newspaper/press articles, adverts, audio-visual materials etc... The textbooks we use have been developed by International House teachers and cover all areas of the language.

The enrolment fee includes the first book and additional material. When you change from one level to another, you will need a new book which you can buy or borrow from the school library. The school library is for students use and provides additional reading or reference material.


At the end of the course, students are given an attendance certificate indicating the course taken, the number of hours of study and the level reached, in addition to a detailed report on their progress in each language area.

Academic credit

Our courses are recognised by American universities for obtaining academic credit. Students can ask for the course they will study to be officially homologated.