Spanish lessons

There are four Spanish classes per day, lessons can be in the morning or with a zig-zag schedule (some days lessons are in the morning and activities in the afternoon and others activites are in the morning and lessons in the afternoon).

In the Spanish lessons our young learners focus on communication skills. We want to help them speak with confidence, regardless of level, in a fun and friendly environment.


 Our activities include cultural visits, sports competitions, barbecues, dancing lessons, beach afternoons or shopping. Students return home after the activities.

On Saturdays, there are full-day excursions, while on Sundays, the teenagers are free to spend the day with their hosts, in the residence (with the school staff) or they can meet friends (as long as they tell their hosts and teen coordinator know where they will be and when they will be back).

Experienced teachers and co-ordinators take care of our students and accompany them during all the cultural activities, visits and excursions included in the programme.