Here we offer a great opportunity for students to fully immerse themselves in Spanish life. You will be welcomed into the homes of our Spanish hosts as a member of the family. In return, you assist with child care, help with light housework and teach the children of the house your native language. We will make every effort to find an appropriate family match for you.

During your stay as a Demi pair you will have your own bedroom, will be given full board and some pocket money to spend. You will be contracted to work 20 hours per week in the Demi pair, plus one or two nights babysitting.

Demi pairs have to be between 17 and 30 years all. The minimum length is 3 months (in summer it might be possible to arrange a shorter period) to 1 year.

We only accept Demi pairs who are nationals of the European Union, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Our programme includes placement with a host family.

This programme has to be combined with an Intensive Spanish course for at least two weeks not included in the placement fee, although we strongly recommend that you extend your studies of Spanish throughout the entire length of your stay.


Most of the families want to have a demipair because they want their children to learn and practice a foreign language. The language studied in most schools in Spain is English so there's a big demand of English speakers. In some schools they also learn French and German but not in many.

They know that the aim of the programme for the Demipair is to learn and practice Spanish so they will make sure that there's a lot of time of speaking Spanish at home. It is normally arranged that the Demi pair will speak English or another language with the kids and Spanish with the parents.

Families will be happy to have non-native English speakers as far as they have a good level of English, enough to speak to the children in English and help with English homework.

To ensure that the English level is good we ask our interested Demipairs to take an English level test. The written part is taken online and after we will arrange an oral interview over the phone.

The minimum English level required for the program is B2.2

Age range: 18 to 30 y.o.

Minumum Spanish level: We accept beginners.

Minumum English level: B2.2 

Starting dates for non beginners: Every Monday.

Starting dates for beginners: 08/01, 22/01, 05/02, 19/02, 05/03, 20/03, 03/04, 16/04, 30/04, 14/05, 28/05, 04/06, 18/06, 25/06, 02/07, 09/07, 16/07, 23/07, 30/07, 06/08, 13/08, 20/08, 27/08, 03/09, 10/09, 17/09, 01/10, 15/10, 05/11, 19/11, 03/12, 17/12.

Price: Placement fee 450€.

You will have to attend a Spanish course of at least 2 weeks not included in the placement fee.

Enrolment fee: 50€ (book included).

Our agents in your country will be happy to help you with the booking and preparation process to be a Demipair.  Please contact us and we will send you the details of our local agent: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.